Participation Criteria

  • Apply with an innovative startup idea through the website

  • Teams of up to 5 members (having both genders in the team is an asset)

  • Age limit: 18 to 30 years (Undergraduates or Postgraduates).

  • All teams should clearly indicate the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) that their innovation addresses.

  • The Technology track is open for all Arab students, but at least 50% of all team members must be enrolled in a university in an Arab country; including the team leader. (Student ID Card and Proof of enrollment will be required).

  • A Business plan is required for university students.

  • Having a prototype is an asset in the Technology track, and running company is a must in the Spin offs Track.

  • By submitting the application form to the competition, we pledge not to disclose any data related to the content of the idea, except for the purposes of the evaluation process. In the event that the project idea is qualified and selected for the final stages, you may be required to disclose more information to the evaluation committee. This disclaimer serves as the mechanism for preserving the rights of the applicant and the idea as well. بإرسالك لإستمارة التقديم للمسابقة، يتعهد القائمين علي المسابقة بعدم الافصاح عن أيه بيانات تتعلق بمحتوي الفكرة، إلا لأغراض عملية التقييم، وفي حال تأهل واختيار فكرة المشروع للتصفيات النهائية، وما قد يتطلبه ذلك من الافصاح عن مزيد من المعلومات للجنة التقييم. هذا التعهد يوجب آليات حفظ حقوق المتقدمين و أفكار مشروعاتهم.

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